6 Things you didn’t know about beer


MAY, 2016

Beer History

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, with a history so rooted in the past that it’s hard to pinpoint its exact origins!

Below we collected a few interesting facts you probably did not know about your favorite drink!

“ Beer was prominent in antiquity, with the oldest known recipe going back to over 5.000 years.”

  •  Beer hops are genetically related to marijuana: they belong to the same family of flowering plants!
  • In 1814, London was literally hit by a wave of beer, after some huge vats in a local brewery broke, releasing over 610.000 liters of the beverage. The beer flood destroyed two homes and severely damaged a local pub, even leaving some victims behind!
  • Beer was prominent in antiquity, with the oldest known recipe going back to over 5.000 years, as the Sumerian left behind a recipe for its preparation. In ancient times, beer was also considered a true commodity: It is known that workers who were employed during the enigmatic construction of the pyramids in Egypt were paid in beer: each worker allegedly was given 4 liters of beer a day as a reward to for all the toil.
  • Some people are affected by a psychotic fear of an empty beer glass: the condition is known as “Cenosillicaphobia” !
  • In the middle ages, a time often known for its pestilences and low living standards for Europeans, drinking beer was safer (and more prominent) than drinking water: the alcoholic content in the beverage killed many harmful bacteria. Not knowing yet the bacteria, no one knew it was sufficient to boil water to make it safe and drinkable. For long periods in history it was preferred to drink beer because it was believed healthier than water itself, not knowing that was, because of the brewing process in which water is often brought to boil. Experts and historians said that beer has saved the world.
  • Among the earliest written sources in the man history, we find symbols related to beer. Many researchers have even suggested that among the many factors that stimulated the invention of writing, was the need to note down the amounts of beer produced, sold and consumed. Mathematics, the viinvention of the plow and the Agriculture were not outdone, many archaeologists and anthropologists argue that they were all inventions connected to beer production and the cultivation of the raw materials to produce it. In this regard, we recommend the film documentary produced and broadcast by the History Channel “How beer saved the world

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