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Just an unconventional Craft Beer Company. 

Just an unconventional 
Craft Beer Company. 

Cooking with beer: winter recipes!

Pairing beer with food? Here our tips about some yummy and delicioius recipes that with a touch of beer will become your new favorite dinner to make!

Beer and food pairing? Here’s the chart

The world of craft beer brought an entire new dimension to the concept of beer tasting in recent years, particularly when it comes to the habit of pairing food with high quality brews.

Ginger beer? A new takeover

Ginger beer is brewed with the use of the ginger roots and sometimes with the addition of lemon juice. The result is a sparkling, spice and sweet alcoholic beverage that is slightly reminiscent o traditional beer, but with a different twist

Is beer good for prostate problems?

Most people who experience prostate problems usually tend to ease on their drinking habits, but new research has shown that there’s a possibility and benefits.

Does music affect the taste of beer?

Although we all enjoy drinking at shows or having some great tunes in the background when drinking with friends, thinking that the sound itself affects the taste of the beer might be a long shot. Right?

Best and most anticipated albums of 2016

There’s nothing like kicking backs and relaxing with a great craft beer and some excellent music.
While we are already enjoying some of the best releases of 2016, we are also waiting for some highly anticipated albums!

3 Beer-themed films you must see

Beer culture has been heavily portrayed in films of all genres, although it is quite rare to find a movie that specifically focuses on beer.

Cooking with beer! October recipes

Food traditions in countries such as Italy and France are already very accustomed to the use of red and white wine in many recipes, so why not extending the same use to high quality beers?

6 Things you didn’t know about beer

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, with a history so rooted in the past that it’s hard to pinpoint its exact origins! We collected a few interesting facts you probably did not know about your favorite drink!

3 American Craft Beer Cities to visit

Just about 20 years ago, America wasn’t exactly the place to go for great craft beer, but today, the United States offer many a great destination for those who love a good brew.

Our Manifesto

In our philosophy, Craft is the keyword. In our native language, craft beer is commonly translated into artisanal beer – an expression that we feel doesn’t live up the the meaning of what we stand for.

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